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local land-use management program

The local land-use element is the heart of this watershed management plan. This section articulates and explains a series of resource-protection objectives, designed to improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat. For each objective, the plan suggests a series of actions municipalities can take to enhance resource protection within their community. Municipalities can review and revise their land-use ordinances so that the following objectives may be achieved. Local governments should adopt into their ordinances and plans those areas of the guidelines that they do not currently address in their ordinances. The guidelines present alternatives for meeting each objective. It is up to each municipality to decide which alternative (or alternatives) best fits its particular situation. A major goal of the overall watershed program is to guard against the indiscriminate urban-sprawl types of development patterns within the watershed which serve to destroy or otherwise impact the very values which make the White Clay Creek watershed an attractive place to live and work. The key to success in this effort is coordination among local communities and other watershed citizens, which can best be realized through active participation in and support of the White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee.