a two-tier approach

A two-tier approach to the management of the White Clay Creek watershed acknowledges both the importance and preference for local leadership and the additional protection afforded by federal Wild and Scenic River designation. The first management tier will focus on the watershed's municipal and county governments, with the cooperation of state agencies in both Pennsylvania and Delaware, and with the DRBC. Participants in this tier will begin to adopt and implement watershed-management strategies contained in the Local Land Use Management and Resource Management sections of the plan. Cooperation across state and county lines will foster consistency throughout the entire watershed area.

The second management tier will involve the federal government through the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Federal action will center on the designation of major White Clay Creek tributaries into the system. Federal authority will center on reviewing the impacts on outstanding watershed resources of water-resource projects involving federal loans, licenses or permits within the designated area.

This approach to management recognizes that existing federal and state agencies and the Delaware River Basin Commission will continue to exercise their authorities over state and federal permits and other regulations affecting the river environment of the White Clay Creek.