As residents and visitors of the White Clay Creek watershed, we enjoy its unique benefits but we also share responsibility for maintaining the outstanding characteristics that make the watershed special.
— Linda Stapleford, watershed resident and former Managment Plan Coordinator.

Our Mission

To promote and support the preservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement of natural and cultural resources of the White Clay Creek Watershed in Pennsylvania and Delaware, in addition to encouraging a balance of recreational enjoyment.

Specifically, we strive to meet the following core goals of the White Clay Creek and Its Tributaries Watershed Management Plan:

  • Improve and conserve water quality and water quantity.

  • Conserve open space, woodlands, wetlands & geologic features.

  • Protect native plant and animal species.

  • Preserve cultural, historical and archaeological sites.

  • Enhance outdoor recreation opportunities.

  • Encourage environmental education and watershed awareness.

What We've Achieved

  • First documented dam removal in the state of Delaware.

  • Federal oversight and protection for 199 White Clay stream miles.

  • Thousands of local school children immersed in hands on watershed science via Environmental Education Awards.

  • 28% of the watershed is protected Open Space.

  • 44 acres of trees planted and 15,500 stream miles buffered since 2010.

  • Strong partnerships with local and state government, area non-profits and citizens to promote the use of Best Management Practices.

  • White Clay Creek Fest, our largest annual community outreach event to celebrate the treasures of the watershed the first Saturday in May.

  • A minimum of 2:1 funds leveraging to implement projects and programs throughout the White Clay, including Stream Watch and Catch the Rain.