Environmental Education Awards Program

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Looking to enhance your science curriculum? Local funding is available for field trips or outreach programs to come to your school through the White Clay Watershed Associations Environmental Education Award (EEA) Program.

Who can apply: Schools located within the White Clay Creek watershed, schools outside the watershed boundary, serving a large population of students who reside in the White Clay watershed may also apply. Pennsylvania Public Schools are strongly encouraged to apply and take advantage of the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program that allows Stroud to offer programs at a reduced cost for grades 4 and up. Click here to learn more about Stroud Center’s Education programs.

“We will absolutely be applying again this year. This is a great program and it really helped my students on the AP exam.” -Robert McDowell, Newark High School Teacher.

What this funds: Environmental Education Programming for grades 4-12 provided by the world-renowned Stroud Water Research Center located in Avondale, PA.

Field trips to Stroud include a 4-hour program in which students will explore the White Clay Creek and surrounding watershed. Students will collect and identify aquatic bugs, perform water chemistries, and learn how scientists determine stream health. Topics covered include chemistry, stream ecology, watersheds, entomology and environmental stewardship.

Want Stroud to come to you? Outreach programs can be tailored to meet your schools needs including meaningful outdoor learning experiences, classroom activities, and events serving the entire school population.

“When you can blend the community and classroom together, it starts a process of broadening kids’ horizons,” says Michael Garvin, Assistant Principal at Avon Grove Intermediate School who enthusiastically encourages other schools to apply.

How much can be awarded: The general range for EEA funds is $350 - $1500.

Is match required? No, but Pennsylvania Public Schools are strongly encouraged to leverage EEA funding for transportation support with EITC funds available through Stroud.

Deadline: Applications are received on a rolling basis and awarded on a first come first serve basis until all funds are spent down.  

Contact: Shane Morgan at mpc@whiteclay.org. Please include in the body of the email the name and address of your school, your name, contact information and affiliation with the school, the type of programming preferred (in house or field trip to Stroud), the grade level and number of students who will be served, and whether your school will need assistance with transportation costs.

Schools that have received EEA funds include:

Avon Grove Intermediate School (West Grove, PA)

Avon Grove Charter School (West Grove, PA)

Assumption BVM (West Grove, PA)

Newark High School (Newark, DE)

Holy Angels School (Newark, DE)

Maclary Elementary School (Newark, DE)

Skyline Middle School (Wilmington, DE)

We look forward to hearing from you and building a lasting relationship with your school!