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Collecting Rain Water and Creating Beneficial Habitat at Goddard Park.

Collecting Rain Water and Creating Beneficial Habitat at Goddard Park.

The Goddard Park rain gardens tell a story of a community coming together to promote water quality, enhance park aesthetics, and create better habitat for local pollinators and other native fauna. This is just one of many stories that illustrates a project beneficial to both local residents and the water quality of the White Clay Creek.

Plant Based Solutions to Stormwater Management

Workshop: Plant Based Solutions to Stormwater Management, July 9, 9am-Noon, London Grove Township Building. Please see attached agenda for details. This workshop is open to White Clay Municipalities, HOA's, and interested residents of the White Clay watershed. Please contact Shane Morgan for more information.

Plant Based Solutions to Stormwater Management-Workshop-Agenda-London Grove Township-PA

Goddard Park Rain Garden Volunteer Planting

volunteer rain garden plantingSaturday, May 17th from 9am-1pm

Goddard Park, London Grove Township

498 Wickerton Road, West Grove, PA 

Registration preferred! (see below for details)

The White Clay Creek Wild and Scenic Rivers Program needs your volunteering support to help improve the water quality in the White Clay Creek. Two rain gardens, which work to capture, infiltrate and treat polluted run off, are in need of plants.

40 volunteers are needed to plant native wildflowers and grasses along the bottom and edges of two large rain gardens. Holes will be predrilled by the township, but volunteers should also be prepared to dig small holes. Volunteers will learn about native wildflowers and grasses for rain gardens and how they help to clean our water!

The event will take place on Saturday, May 17th from 9am-1pm.  Bring comfortable clothes and boots that you wouldn't mind getting dirty and wet. If you own small shovels or garden trowels and gardening gloves please bring them since there are a limited number supplied on-site. The event will occur at Goddard Park, 498 Wickerton Road, West Grove, PA in London Grove Township. Please click here to register.

Contact for more information.

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