What Is The Best Tool For Your Garden? A Rain Barrel!

Camels Hump Rain Barrels will be offering rain barrels for the discounted price of $75 each at the White Clay Creek Fest on May 2nd!

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Our barrels are created from recycled olive barrels and include:

- a fully screened lid to prevent insects and debris from entering your barrel

- two overflow ports to allow you to better control excess water

- a spigot to allow easy filling of a watering can as well as a bottom drain threaded for a garden hose to enable you to get the most out of your barrel.

- Each barrel is 220 liters or nearly 55 gallons and will be full after a quarter inch of rain when hooked up to a downspout

For more information please visit http://www.camels-hump.com/

Interested in purchasing a barrel during the festival? Please email us at camelhumprainbarrels@hotmail.com and let us know! This will not obligate you to purchase a barrel and will also not guarantee availability but will allow us to plan how much inventory we bring to help assure anyone who is interested can get one.

Click here for downloadable flyer.