How to do a simple percolation test on your property:

You will only need a shovel or post hole digger, a measuring stick, and a timer to conduct this test. Call Miss Utility (811) 48 hours in advance to digging so they can make any underground utilities.

Step 1. Dig a that is 6″-12″ deep (or as deep as the final depth of excavation*) and 1 foot wide in your future infiltration zone.

Step 2. Fill the hole with water.  Let it drain completely and record the time.

Step 3. If the first fill took less than 36 hours to drain, repeat step 2 in the same hole.

Step 4. If either the first fill or the second fill took longer than 36 hours to drain, then the perc test has failed and another Catch the Rain practice should be considered.  For example, while a rain garden may not be suitable for your site, conservation landscaping with a microberm on the down hill side could be a suitable alternative practice.

*If the excavation will be 18" then a hole 18" is required.