Planting Opportunity, Hunt at Louviers

Planting Opportunity, Hunt at Louviers Neighoborhood, Newark, DEApril 26, 12:30-4 p.m. and April 27, 9-12 a.m.

The City of Newark Stormwater Program needs your volunteering support to help improve water quality in Jenney’s Run, a tributary to the White Clay Creek. Several stormwater detention basins, which work to control stream flooding during times of heavy rainfall, are in need of improvements. Such improvements include re-grading, removal of invasive plant species and habitat restoration. Water quality improvements will be achieved through bioremediation, using a combination of reintroduced native plant communities and a lengthening of the flow path.

Volunteers are needed for the native habitat restoration portion of the basin improvements. Volunteers will be digging small holes across the bottoms of the stormwater basins and planting plugs of native wildflowers and grasses.

The event will take place at two times:

Friday Afternoon, April 26th from 12:30-4pm Saturday Morning, April 27th from 9am-12pm

Locator Map:

Hunt at Louviers

Bring comfortable clothes, gloves and boots that you wouldn't mind getting dirty and wet. If you own a garden trowel please bring it since there will be a limited number supplied on-site. Parking for the event will be on Cullen Way (Newark, DE) so we request you carpool where possible and not block driveways or mailboxes. Access to the basins will be designated with signage and flagging, it is important to only use these designated access areas. The city will have personnel on hand to assist with any parking and access issues. 100 volunteers needed. Please click here to register.

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