4th Annual Creek Fest!

May 5th 2012, 12-4pm

Creek Fest was the event to attend again this year the first weekend of May at Carpenter Recreation Area in the White Clay Creek State Park and was an afternoon of fun for everyone!  Approximately 600 attendees enjoyed the live classic American Roots music by the Whirled Peas, and were engaged by professional storyteller Bill Wood who’s stories have educated more than a half-million children.  Phung Luu amazed the audience with the soaring power yet precision and control displayed during the Free-Flight Bird Encounter.  Delicious delights were savored from Peace A Pizza and ice cream by UDairy Creamery (cow to cone!)

We thank our exhibitors and sponsors for promoting the goals of the Wild and Scenic Program:

  • United Water Delaware:  Tom Hubbard, Alex Ridyard (Exhibitor and Sponsor)
  • City of Newark:  Roy Simonson, Jen Pyle, Kelley Dinsmore
  • Friends of White Clay State Park:  Elaine Burg, Dorcia McCann & Jeannette Schuler
  • Friends of White Clay Preserve:  Gary Schroder
  • Friends of New Garden Trails:  Chris Robinson and Rich Chadwick
  • White Clay Fly Fishers:  Doug Janiec, Joe Allison
  • Trail Spinners:  Bill Bachelor
  • Wilmington Trail Club:  Terri Hamlon
  • Giving Garden:  Shane Morgan
  • Hale Byrnes House:  Nancy Parker and Michael McDowell
  • National Park Service:  Julie Bell (Exhibitor and Sponsor)
  • Kranz Hill Farm/ White Clay State Park:  Melanie Hiner / Autumn Philpot
  • Lyme Disease Association:  Ron Hamlen
  • New Castle Conservation District:  Rick Mickowski
  • Partnership for the Delaware Estuary: Priscilla Cole, Gus Wolfe
  • Stroud Water Research Center:   Libby Gregg
  • UDAIRY: Melinda Litvinas, Jacob Hunt
  • White Clay Watershed Association:  Tom Zawislak
  • Newark Co-op